Angelic Beings Who Incarnate Into Human Form

Lea: Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

I read your discussion with Alana about angelic beings who incarnate.

In short, I have been told by three different psychic-intuitives that I am a “variety of angel” incarnated here.

I do have memories of comforting distressed souls in the soul realm — particularly after their life reviews — and I have memories of working with them and their guides to help them plan their next incarnations.

Naturally, I am interested in getting to the bottom of this! What I do know for sure is I have an insatiable desire to comfort and soothe others — always have! At the same time, I have always felt very, very different from others — almost like an anthropologist or missionary observing an unfamiliar tribe or something! I have always felt empathetically for others very, very deeply. Now that I have started to have these memories and now that several with psychic gifts have said my guides told them I was some type of angel — what should I do? I do truly wish to know who I am!

Kirk: Greetings, Lea. I’ll be happy to chat with you. We can learn into this conversation together as an interactive inquiry process.

Reflection on Surface of LakeMy first impression is that you seem very clear. As you know, information provided by psychics isn’t always accurate. That said, I don’t have any sense that you are “giving away your power” or “believing everything you hear.” Instead, my sense is that the information you have a attracted resonates with your inner sense of self. That is, you are engaging your discernment abilities and the external information mirrors your internal knowing.

You have memories of times between lives–at least incarnated lives–that I consider to be an advanced level of awareness. Wonderful!

You seem clear about elements of your “life purpose“–that which gives you joy. And it feels to me like you’re aware of some of your gifts.

You’re sharing above isn’t problem-oriented, but you have asked me a question: “What should I do?” So, here’s your first question from me: “What would you LOVE to do?” Instead of a specific job or career, I’m asking what kind of qualities you seek in your “doing.” What kind of activities might excite and nourish your heart and mind?

If you like, play with these musings, and let me know what arises in your being.

Lea: What do I love to do?

I know I love to comfort and encourage others. Actually, in crowds I find myself searching for those in emotional distress — I can sense it — and then sending love and hope to them. Also, I feel very strongly about forgiveness. I feel compelled to encourage others to forgive. I just bought a car and I am having a bumper sticker made for it that reads: “Forgive Everyone.” That excites me!

Secondarily, creativity brings me joy. I love to compose poetry and fiction. Since I believe I am here to express love, I think I will keep working on creative projects that do that.

But the other thing I love presents a greater difficulty — I feel an incredible longing for Spirit and for contact with those in Spirit. I have felt, from childhood, that I missed “my people.” It feels as if they are a unit of souls who do similar work — not necessarily the core soul group that we read about in Destiny of Souls and the like. I sense “my people” are engaged in service as am I. I have never known for certain who these colleagues are and I still do not, but I definitely await the reunion. It is probably the hardest part of my life to keep both feet on the ground and concentrate on this incarnation. It was once said of me among my friends, “She’ll actually be so much happier as a spirit once she’s on the other side.” Keeping my longing under control and living the life I came here to live is my hardest task.

Kirk: You seem very clear about your values of comforting and encouraging others, as well as forgiveness and creativity. And you also seem clear about some ways to express what you value, that which is important to you.

Sun Through Clouds on OceanI’d like to offer you some “homework” (home play) regarding your sense of wishing to feel more deeply connected to your “people. Have you learned how to craft positive affirmations and/or create useful visualizations? I’m imagining you might have one or both skills. If not, please let me know and I’ll include some links that will help.

My invitation is constructing an affirmation and/or creative visualization that presupposes constant connection (vs. separation) with your colleagues. Sure, you may one day experience some kind of “reunion” where you enjoy proximity in time/space, but this project is to learn your way into a somatic felt sense awareness of your “always already oneness” with this group, even when you are dwelling in a body. My encouragement is to build an affirmation and/or visualization that reminds you of this oneness beyond incarnation or time/space location.

If these sound / looks / feels useful to you, please let me know if you have any questions about how to proceed.

Lea: This is difficult, perhaps because as I write this tonight, my longing for connection to “My People” and to the soul realm is so intense that it’s psychically painful. I feel the way a bird must when everything within it strains to fly south, but it cannot because it is shut up in a box somewhere and must “tough out” the overwhelming urge to fly home. <long sigh>

But I do have a few coping measures, including the suggestion you gave me.

First, I know my name — my real name — the one I am called in the soul realm. When being “Lea” becomes hard, I remember my name and meditate on it. That helps.

Second, I try to focus on the people I am here to nurture and heal. If I indulge too much longing, I am in danger of self-pity, and I do not want to allow that. Being here is a wonderful chance to enjoy serving human beings. Serving them is a beautiful experience.

Third, I am working on your suggestion of “As if.” When I have those difficult moments, I build on a vague memory I have of being in some type of huddle with my colleagues and sharing, for lack of a better term, a group hug. I remember this and try to call it to greater vividness.

Fourth, I can meditate and “plug in” to the Almighty. As is true of all souls, God is my source and my resource. God is my origin, and I find the most comfort in letting myself get lost in God’s deep love.

I still feel, at times, a little disoriented and a little stranded. I would like more information about my soul’s history.

Kirk: Glad you’re finding my suggestions useful, combined with your many awarenesses.

Road Into MountainsInteresting that knowing your “spiritual name” is helpful to you. I’ve heard this from many people who share many of your experiences.

I like your perception of the relationship of self-pity to service, especially is you’re reminding yourself serve in self-loving and kind ways. In my view, you did choose to incarnate at the date, time, and place of your birth, and within your culture, environment, family system, body, etc. You might as well “bloom where you’re planted,” so to speak. Yes?

Cool that the “As If” frame of perceiving is a tool you’re wanting to more deeply explore. It’s very powerful, in my experience, and part of the “plugging in” process you described.

Regarding the disoriented/stranded experience, it can really help to do simple, somatic/body-oriented practices that connect your body to the earth. The Yoga sun salutation and Qigong movements come to mind, and of course, there are many others, most of which center around awareness of your breath.

It can be fun, even useful, to know some of your soul’s history. Mostly, it’s “mind” that likes to know this stuff. This isn’t a judgment of “mind”–I’m into loving my mind, along with all aspects of self, in and out of the body. If you seek at an intuitive reader, I encourage you to always retain your personal power — rather than abdicating it to an “expert” — and always use your own discernment to determine the information that feels valid for you, releasing what isn’t. It’s the rare psychic/intuitive who can read this type of information accurately. It’s very easy to just make things up — either as blatant cons/lies or as well-intention but inaccurate assessments — so I urge you to be very picky about your information sources.

I’ve been enjoying our chat. Is there anything with which I can help?

Lea: After much meditation and thought, I realize I am no longer in need of validation about the nature of my soul. It was indeed startling to me and at first confusing when I began to have so many people tell me my soul was angelic in nature. I was skeptical and seeking confirmations. The confirmations I was hoping and waiting for have come to me, and I am now satisfied. Now that I know who I am, I intend to turn my attention to the thousands of reasons I am incarnated here: the people who need my love and support. Although I myself do learn and grow each day, I know as deeply as it is possible to know *anything* that I am principally here to uplift others. That is my bliss! ūüôā

Kirk: Wonderful. I enjoyed our dialogue. I hope the angels who are attracted to this article receive inspiration to even more deeply discover their authentic self.

24 thoughts on “Angelic Beings Who Incarnate Into Human Form

  1. KME

    Thank you all for sharing this conversation as I can certainly identify with it. My problem is I know the benefits of breathing, Qi Gong, meditation and the messages in my dreams yet I have a hard time sticking with a practice or being consistent. Or rather, I tend to consume mass amounts of information and not put these teachings into practice. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Valerie W.

    I loved the process that Lea went through. There was a time I also longed to be “where” I thought my beloved soul family was. Yet in asking, some have already showed up, as well as receiving energy hugs from those who are close to me on on the other side. I too am very selective about readings from another and consequently have not really had many. It’s a sacred dance in tuning with someones energy field, in my experience. Blessings to Alana, Sandy and Kirk for these inspired messages. I feel at home with the energies that Alana brings to this realm. Love and light, Valerie.

  3. Colleen

    This is a soul guided by angels for angels carry heavy burdens. Ones that are so burdened that the light pours from them when they have accomplished each and every step. They always know. This is the mirror that the physic is seeing for the reflection are non existent for an angel because they are in multiple dimension.

  4. Kirk VandenBerghe

    Hi, KME ~~

    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this article. I enjoyed the dialogue.

    Regarding your question, many of us have the same difficulty. What I find works in my life is to add one “small step” at a time. I choose positive practices, build them as habits, and then continue to add new ones. Part of the key is to be realistic relative to the time commitment. For example, it’s better to meditate for ten minutes per day than feel guilty about not meditating for an hour or two per day. It’s better to walk for a half hour three times a week than feel guilty about not running five miles per day.

    I find tracking helps, so I’ve developed a form I keep nearby so I can record the promises I make to myself, then hold myself accountable to take actions relative to what I’ve declared I want to create in my life. We can learn to become our own “coaches,” balancing the tough self-love of “just do it!” with kind nurturing and encouragement.

    Over the years, I’ve improved all aspects of my life using this approach. One new habit a month is twelve per year. In five years, we’re talking about sixty positive habits. Even if those habits are “small”–like drinking some extra water or maintaining better posture–they really add up!

  5. Melanie

    WOW, I feel as though the conversation Kirk had with Lea could have been with me. I would love to know Lea or other people like her. The worse part about being here is when I am allowed to go “home” for lessons and then I have to come back here. Then I don’t know what to do with all the information they give me sometimes. It is like they give me pieces at a time and they will make a whole someday. I need more help and training I guess. I like the site,thanks Melanie.

  6. Kirk VandenBerghe

    Hi, Melanie. We sometimes call the type of information you’re receiving “thought packets.” To Sandy, it’s like she receives a huge amount of data and then there’s a “digestion” process as she’s slowly able to become consciously aware of what she has received. Eventually, the information becomes available to her in mental concepts, then language.

  7. Rev. Chris Oldham, OS, RMT

    Lea, Just for your own information, you are one of the Cherubim. Your deep connection with and desire to be of loving service to others is totally in keeping with your lineage. There are many, many embodied angels on the planet being called into awareness at this time, Seraphim’s and Cherubim chief among them. The reason for this is made clear to each one of us when we are ready. If you feel called to become closer in connection with God and the Angelic realm, you might want to investigate Yours in Spirit, Rev. Chris.

  8. admin Post author

    Thank you for your comments, Rev. Chris.

    You’re expressing a model of reality that makes distinctions about different types of “angels,” including providing names and descriptions. Certainly, many authors have done the same, and for millennia, creating a number of folk taxonomies.

    My current view is that our universe is unfathomably vast and we know next to nothing, which includes all of the spiritual, religious, philosophical, metaphysical, and esoteric texts yet written. Beings may exist that fit a profile of cherubim or seraphim, but there are trillions of forms of sentient life in the universe. We know very little about existence, a teeny-tiny fraction of one percent.

    From your perspective, you informed Lea that she can be classified as one of the types in the model you’re using. I respect your right to create and use whatever models of reality you feel serve your purposes. From my perspective, the universe — the multiverse — is a vast mystery and our knowledge and understanding are at the infant stage of development.

    Instead of telling people what’s “true” about them, I prefer to “suspend premature certainty,” ask questions, and refer them back to their own first person experience. This way, they can intuitively sense, feel, hear, and see (perhaps even taste and smell) their own truths from the inside out. When people receive information from the outside in, it can create the illusion that they’ve found “the answer,” when they’re actually just beginning the search.

  9. Lea

    I have enjoyed reading the varied comments on this dialogue. I am still homesick but am continuing to turn my attention to comforting others and issuing the eternal “Call to Love,” as I have done for millennia. Thanks to all of you.

  10. Valerie

    You all need to read the book “Celestine Prophency”! You will all benefit from this best selling book! There is a series of these books and once you get to the 12 insight you will find out how to tap into your personal soul group. The first book goes up to the ninth insight which is basic information. Once you get up to the thirteen insight everything will come together and make sense. Best of luck to everyone.

  11. emily

    i have been struggling with my ability to feel what others do to a higher level and also i see pictures of people in my head and get a bad feeling the day before something happens to someone i don’t know what its going to be until it happens all i know is the people involved i’ve done some energy work and i’ve felt connected with this other person in a way that i’ve never been connected to before i could feel every movement she made my brother says we rushed each others awakening and the feeling light headed and shaking throwing up and feeling hard to breathe is from being so close to one another he says meditation helps but i want to understand the meaning of my ability’s or my purpose even. i love helping people i can spot out an emotional person in a sea of people I’m drawn to them in such a way that i’ve never felt with anyone i feel the need to help and it hurts me because i get so attached to that person. i need to know how to channel these feelings also my brother says were of the same breed of angels which i don’t fully understand. today she tells me to put my hand over my heart and tell her if its hot or cold it was cold when the rest of my body was hot because she tried contacting me she lives in california and i live in michigan she said ” let her feel me” and this one spot where her hand was over her heart got cold at the same time hers did. when she feels pain i feel it when someone touches me to give me a hug or such she feels them touching me she feels my every move and i don’t understand why please help me understand thank you, emily

  12. Kirk VandenBerghe

    @Emily – Thank you for your message. It sounds to me like you’re having some profound experiences. In my view, all of us are one…and…we’re individuals. This is a paradox. Both are true. A couple of skills it would be useful to develop are:

    1.) Being able to blend with person (or place or thing or idea) and share the experience of the other. More “other oriented.”

    2.) Being able to clearly know your boundaries and be in your own energy. More “self oriented.”

    I feel having a CHOICE is important. Personally, I want to consciously be able to connect and ALSO consciously be able to separate. I use my intention to focus my attention. “Where attention goes, energy flows.”

    What I don’t want is for my energy to blend with people, places, things, and ideas in an unconscious way that isn’t good/healthy for me and others. Yes, again, at the highest levels of experience, we are one. But I don’t need to run EVERYTHING through my body, mind, and emotions. I have boundaries. I know the who, why, how, what, where, and when of MY life. My self. ¬†I know where I stop. I can ground. From that centered place, I can consciously use my intention to direct my attention and include into my experience many dimensions beyond my individual self.

    I feel our¬†‚ÄúDeveloping Your Intuition‚ÄĚ eBook would be really helpful for you. If you don’t want to subscribe to our ezine, just contact us and we’ll send you a free copy.

    Hope this helps. The difference that will make is a difference is your on-going PRACTICE. What I’m describing above are techniques and skills. They take much practice over many years, and few master these realms.

  13. emiy

    thank you for the insight and i will do everything i can to understand my ability’s more.
    I would love a free copy, anything that would help me to understand and be comfortable with these experiences.
    my brother also called a few days ago and said the reason i cannot meditate and contact him is because i have put up blocks in my mind at some point in time and the only way to understand my ability’s is to bypass these mental blocks, is this true.?

    1. admin Post author

      @emily, hope you enjoy practicing and developing your skills. All starts with centering and ground, in my view.

      I emailed you a free copy of our eBook.

      Regarding your brother’s comment…I encourage you to consider what others perceive, but always reference your own rational mind and inner wisdom. My experience is that I have a strong connection with some people, while I don’t feel as much¬†simpatico¬†with others. Rather than focusing on “blocks,” I like to just place my intention/attention on what I want. Sure, there’s a time to “work on stuff” like blocks, but it’s kind of hard to drive by looking in the rearview mirror.

  14. Teraos

    Well from what you say could be potentially a great truth but it would also be a great lie or heresy.Therefore who ever feel that they are going to engaged any of this kind of idea, you are going to gamble you afterlife life because once you make the wrong decision there no turning back once you have ended your days on the earth.What will you answer to God if God say “How ridiculous of you thinking about being not human or incarnated from other being.Even if there is would that matter to your specifically because you are a human.Does the love and grace that I give to you is not enough.
    Should you find something to make your status as a different being in order to please yourself.Is it a shame that you are a human whom survive by my grace is too humiliating.”

    What would you answered?Will it be,”I’m sorry God that I pick a wrongly mind perspective.” or “I’m sorry I did not know.”

    Whatever the judgement will be our death in this earth will symbolize our final decision and there is nothing to change it.Think carefully when chosing your true path.

    1. Kirk VandenBerghe Post author

      All of this judgement from such a loving God? Surely, there is much inconsistency of logic and contradiction in what you speak. If God IS love, He would have no need to torture His creations in eternal hell.

  15. Ella

    I can’t even remember how I’ve gotten to this point but I am starting to wonder about Angel incarnation and myself.
    ¬†I grew up in a¬†psychically¬†and emotionally abusive home. Even though I was very protective of my Mom. A counselor we went to called me the family protector that observes, steps in to help, then steps back out again. I have never felt “at home” in my body and have had problems in my relationship which ended in divorce. At very stressful times when I would sit and sob and cry my heart out I would say ” I want to go home” even though I was sitting in my home at the time. It was a deep feeling that I wanted to go home, but where was that?
    I get along well with people but don’t seem to have any really close friends. I am different and don’t fit into the cookie cutter image of the typical Mom. I recently found out I was born with a heart condition called PVC and¬†tachycardia, when I read that some incarnated angels are born with heart issues I had to walk it off so to say, kinda freaked me out.
    I am very empathetic to the point where if I see a stranger upset I cry and I can’t watch the news because the things on there depress me so much, especially relating to children or animals that can’t help themselves. I fell that I have a purpose and that maybe I missed it. I gave up graduating from my high school to move with my parents to keep an eye on my Mom and then got married young and had children. I keep thinking there has got to be more meaning to my life than what I am doing. I have given money to¬†beggars¬†and a coat to a poor man because I just hate to see anyone suffering. I always try to find the good in someone and need to know that there is good in everyone.
    I can’t take quite a few medications because ¬†my body reacts badly to them.
    I don’t like the name I was given and have changed it to a nickname that I am know by with newer friends.¬†
    I also answer questions before a person is done asking them and it was to the question they were going to ask, used to drive my old boss crazy but it made things run better. I also have said out loud and also typed the same exact thing as a friend at the same exact time. These friends tell me it never happens with anyone but me. This has happened with people as far away as the UK. IT happens with people I feel a connection to.
    I look very young for my age. Where I am just 41, people mistake me for a college student. When I was in the hospital for a surgery I had 3 different nurses ask me if they had the correct year of birth in my chart because there was NO way I was 41.
    I have been drawn to ancient Egypt and Greece since I was a kid. It was like an obsession and I couldn’t get enough of the information out there on the subject.¬†
    From time to time I get a high pitch ringing in one ear and as sudden as it shows up it’s gone again, but sometimes lasts for a couple of minutes.
    I guess I am looking for answers and want to know if I am on the right track. I need an opinion from someone with knowledge in this area.

    1. Kirk VandenBerghe Post author

      Thank you for your wonderful message, Ella. It might be useful to take a step back from certainty around the topic of angels — meaning our preconceived beliefs — and take an inventory of what you know. You know your experience of yearning for a “home” of some sort, you know about feeling “different”, you know about your heart condition (although I do not agree with what you read), you know you experience strong empathy, you know you have a sense of wanting meaning and purpose but aren’t yet clear about it, you know you work to find the good in others, you know your nickname feels more like the real you, you know you can intuit information locally and at a distance, you know you look young for your age, you know you are attracted to Egypt and Greece, you know your ears sometimes ring for a short time. This is your experience, and this is what you know about yourself, all this and much more, of course.

      There are many who profess to know such things who will declare you are an angel. Other self-proclaimed experts may disagree, judging the you don’t quite meet their criteria.

      These days, I put the word “angel” in quotes because I want to keep my perceptions “soft” and continue learning (vs. premature certainly). There’s so much we don’t know…the universe is vast and mysteries abound.

      In my way of thinking, there are beings who have evolved, often through hardship (but not always), to know that love and kindness is what matters. These beings know we are one, so the golden rule is…golden. One way I think of these beings is that they are “angels”. Perhaps in a previous incarnation they sported wings and were invisible (most of the time). Perhaps not.

      My encouragement to you is to do what I imagine you are already doing: Find meaning and purpose in your “everyday life” by spreading around as much good stuff as you can. In these “normal” day-to-day interactions, we make much more of a difference than we can possibly know, much more than is logical and linear. My sense is that even the smallest expressions of kindness and love (and caring, joy, patience, and dozens of other words of the same vibe) ripple through the entire universe, continue to expand, and are eternal. Even a smile plants a seed that can grown into a strong oak tree. Imagine a world where all interactions begin with connection and respect…the differences will all then be resolvable.

      Thank you for your sharing, Ella.

  16. Ella

    Thank you for your kind reply Kirk. I feel the same way with us not knowing all of the possibilities out there. I do agree that showing any kindness is something even if small. I just feel like I don’t do enough at times. I have a strong urge to do more. I am tired of not fitting in but I just can’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I will take your advice and just keep doing the small things because they together can add up to something bigger. ūüôā take care and thank you again.

    1. Kirk VandenBerghe Post author

      My pleasure, Ella. I wanted to clarify my view on one thing: While I’m suggesting that you “bloom where you are planted” — since all the “small things” always matter more than we can possibly know — I also encourage you to listen to your urges. They can guide you to what’s next, even when the pathway is circuitous and confusing. An example from my life is 23 years ago when I left a very successful and high paying career. I was on a roll and due for another promotion, even higher income, more stock options, etc. But in my heart I knew I needed to take the leap and open up my private counseling, coaching, and consulting practice. I had just watched my father die and the adage “you can’t take it with you” was emblazoned into my being. I’m all for wealth and abundance, but never at the cost of following my heart. I’m so glad I honored my inner messages because taking that action resulted in a very different life path, one that has been extremely rewarding on myriad levels.

  17. Ella

    More great advice, it’s so true that material things don’t go with you. Yes you have to pay the bills but to be stuck in a job that you have to go to every day that makes you unhappy isn’t worth it in the end. It’s better to be happy while you are here.


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