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Wonder-When Process: 4 Steps for Finding Purpose

What if you were soon to become aware of wonderful treasures which exist within you?

What if you have incredible inner resources that can easily be activated to enrich your life and help you with life purpose?

What if you you have lived many times before and have mastered many things?

What if all of your resources from past, and future lives, are available to you right now?

Wouldn’t you be more apt to be successful at attaining your goals?

You Do Have …

Well, here’s my experience:

  • You do have wonderful treasures within you.
  • You do have incredible resources within you.
  • You have mastered many things and have these skills and learnings available to you now.
  • You exist in all times at once, therefore having access to your full mastery (a bit mind-boggling perhaps).

The Wonder-When 4 Step Process …
Smiling Girl Sitting on Grass

Imagine how you could fuel your life purpose and create positive motivation for accomplishing your goals.

You can discover these resources for yourself. Here’s a simple four-step process:

1) Pick a word that represents one of your inner treasures that you would like to discover or deepen. A short list of some of my favorites are: boldness, clarity, compassion, confidence, contentment, cooperativeness, courage, creativity, dependability, dynamism, efficiency, energy, flexibility, freedom, generosity, gentleness, goodness, gracefulness, harmony, honesty, humor, independence, integrity, inventiveness, kindness, love, loyalty, motivation, openness, patience, persistence, practicality, radiance, sensitivity, sensuality, strength, thoroughness, uniqueness, and wisdom. Pick one word from this list or come up with one of your own.

2) Write down the following sentence on a small piece of paper: “I wonder how soon it will be before my inner <fill in your word> begins to express itself in my life?”

3) For the next week—longer if you wish—repeat this phrase with as much enthusiasm as you can bring forth. You can say it out loud and to yourself; quietly and with lots of volume; quickly and slowly; or with sacredness then silliness. Just say this magical affirmation in as many different ways as come to mind. The more you speak these words, and in as many different ways, the more you will be evoking your inner treasures.

4) Expect the resource to come forth! How could it not?!

If you enjoy this process, repeat it many times, using a new word each week. Without a doubt, this is the most powerful affirmation process I’ve ever used. I hope you enjoy bringing forth the wonders which exist within you. May you achieve success in realizing your goals and be on a path for expressing your life purpose.

Tips for Getting Paid to Play

I was corresponding with a friend regarding her career and life purpose. She’s very intuitive, talented, and hard working. However, she’s had many job struggles—like most of us—bridging into work that truly gives her joy.

It’s important to remember that it’s just an illusionary perception that one’s purpose and making money are opposites. Polarity perceptions like “business = money” and “spiritual = poverty” create confusion.

Read on to discover some of the insights we discussed.

Gleaming Hints of Joy

When you have hints regarding what brings you the most joy—your purpose—and take consistent, playful action, you begin to move the energy toward creation.

Your life’s purpose often isn’t what your mind perceives it to be. You can’t know what it is until you’re immersed in the energy of pleasant action (yes, there are sometimes “hard” parts too).

When you are moving in the fun of what you love, the next steps open up from there—and they’re most often a surprise.

Letting Go, Moving Into Play

Person Making PotteryAt first, let go of any business model or structured plan. Creative career healing begins as you move toward mastery of activities you love to do. Then, as you lay the foundation by becoming skilled at thoughts and actions that bring value to others, others will pay you well to play well.

People love to flow money to people who are doing what they love, and thus providing positive benefits. But don’t focus on providing positive benefits at the outset. Start with immersing yourself, as much as you can, in experiments that give you feedback on what you LOVE to be, do, and have.

You may think you know your purpose, but perhaps your mind is in the way. You have hints, but too much thought and too little action create a kind of mental constipation; analysis paralysis. Our minds don’t really have a clue at first. Ask your mind’s money-making worries and previously-reinforced strategies to sit quietly on the sidelines and . . . watch. Then, as you continue creating with the energy of enjoyment, your mind will move from passive observer to excited fan!

The world is full of people with money who will pay you well to play, since they will receive positive benefits from your expressions.

Using Your Enthusiasm to Build Energy

Perhaps you need “a job” to pay the bills as you explore. So be it. Do that job each day with as much positive, enthusiastic energy as you can muster to avoid job struggles.

If that job is funding your “life purpose discovery experiments,” do that job well and create gratitude for the opportunity. Find ways to do your current work exquisitely and with joy. This energy will act as a powerful magnet to attract work that you will find to be even more fulfilling.

The key is to discover what you LOVE to do by taking small, experimental action steps each day, and then doing more and more of what feels really good to you.

Renew Your Energy with 15 Self-Care Actions

The stresses we encounter in day-to-day living can take a toll on our energy reserves.

Consider a few examples: watching too much television or listening to the world events on the news. These situations can invoke fear responses and become energy drains.

When we feel heavy, a little self-care can help us restore our vitality and energy. If you have been feeling a bit low or are in need of a boost, it may be a great time to do some of these self-love activities to help you stay balanced and resourceful.

15 Renewal Exercises

Two Friends on Chair Lift

  1. Spend some time in nature with a friend going for a walk or an outdoor excursion. Talk about things for which you are grateful.
  2. Practice some deep breathing. As you exhale, imagine your body releasing any sadness or grief. As you inhale, welcome in love and universal wisdom.
  3. Go on a media diet. If you find yourself watching too much television or news, put yourself on a media diet or fast. If you want to stay current, try reading the headline articles in your local newspaper or read the news online instead. By reading the news online, you can learn about current events in 10 or 15 minutes a day versus the hours that you may spend watching television.
  4. Learn something new. Get with a friend who has a skill you would like to learn, or schedule a class in something you are interested in.
  5. Make something. Creative energy always helps us feel empowered!
  6. Volunteer some time to help a friend or a cause that you find meaningful.
  7. Pets are naturally healing. Spend time with pets or animals. Take them for a walk, or give them some extra attention.
  8. A Tree's Healing EnergySpend time in nature’s healing energy, such as going for a swim, walking through a forest, or spending time in your garden.
  9. Learn a “healing or helping” skill. Then share it!
  10. Start a new hobby in an area that interests you, or you feel would make you happy.
  11. Free up some energy. Clean out your closets, and give things you no longer need or have outgrown to those who may want or need them.
  12. Write a story or a poem, and express something you value or feel is important.
  13. Invite a few friends over and teach them something you know that you feel would be fun, inspiring, or helpful.
  14. Fix something that is broken, or give an item a new and refreshing look.
  15. Let someone know you care! Write to a friend or send them a thoughtful, free e-mail card. A two-way conversation is even better! Just pick up the phone and call someone you have been thinking about. You may find they have also been thinking of you.

The Ripples of Creativity

We have learned from Alana that when one individual takes a creative action, it ripples through the whole and helps everyone. The more reactive energy we generate contributes to a downward spiral that is easy to get caught up in.

May any or all of these 15 self-love, self-care action tips spark your imagination and help you feel better and lighter! As we support each other in becoming lighter, our perceptions can begin to see a brighter and more loving world.

—Kirk VandenBerghe

To Forgive and Forget? What is the Key to Forgiveness?

A good friend recently emailed me an article about forgiveness, one of my favorite topics.

While I found some of the content interesting, I found the article’s recommendations lacking.

The author suggested the secret to forgiveness was (somehow) “erasing all recollection” and “removing all remembrance” of past events perceived as harmful. Reproduced below is my email reply to my friend. I hope you find the ideas inspire your own inside-out learning.

Forgiveness and Memory Based Learning

Surely, the article contained a decent description of the problem; however, there is no useful explanation regarding how one is supposed to “forget.” Our learning is oriented toward remembering, and our bodies toward life and safety (survival). I’m happy about this, since I definitely prefer life to death (at least until it’s a good time to head on out for what’s next).

big tiger licking his chopsBiologically, forgetting—if even possible, short of nervous system damage—is far too dangerous a strategy to employ. If a tiger chases me through the jungle and I barely escape with my life, I may consider this a traumatic experience that I’d like to forget; however, it’s very useful for me to remember to steer clear of tigers!

When I choose to forgive another (or myself), I do not place my attention on “erasing all recollection” or “removing all remembrance,” as the article’s author suggests. What we resist persists. I strongly doubt the subconscious aspects of our mind-body will even allow this type of forgetting process to occur. These parts of self are charged with safety, and they must do their job well.

Hypnosis and similar state-altering processes can sometimes block conscious recall (“hypnotic amnesia”) that may seem like erasing and removing, but all of the memories still exist in the other-than-conscious parts of the mind. In my current view, not even death of the body removes memories from existence; I see memories as morphic fields within fields within fields.

Perception & Acknowledgment

A key to forgiveness is in perceptual shifting, not attempts at memory removal.

For example, my friend, your traumatic journeys as a little girl, moving from country to country, are part of your learning path. Attempts to remove these memories would only negate the learnings inherent in all of your life experience.

disagreeing with each otherMy sense of life is that we come here to learn. Sometimes living hurts. We co-create with people, and some of them are dense vibrationally and unaware of their heart-love and oneness with all that is. Sometimes we’re the ones who hurt others. We’re all human.

Earth is an incredible school, powerfully mirroring our consciousness in stable-state illusions of physicality.

Perhaps forgetting is not the key to forgiveness. I like to allow the memory / trauma / pain to fully exist; to provide all the necessary space to acknowledge “what is.”

This includes everything my individuated self—the precious and beautiful ego self with all its successes and failings—thinks and feels regarding each life experience. Past wounds are neither amplified nor discounted. Thoughts of blame and shame toward self and other are allowed to exist. Thoughts about cause and responsibility, vengeance and retribution, and subsequent feelings of bitterness, resentment…on and on…are allowed to exist. They become the objects of my simple life meditation—the meditation of living life. They rise and fall in my awareness.

Our Life Experiences as Co-Creations

I own all of my life experiences as my co-creations.

I do not dissociate nor do I disidentify, since the events and thoughts occurred through the process of living the life of this individuated self; in my case, this expression of a life called “Kirk.” I do not dissociate, since what I feel can heal. I do not disidentify, since my soul incarnated into my body, purposely identifying with this space-time. Instead of dissociating or disidentifying, I choose to own all of my life experience—including being hurt by others and hurting others—as my co-creations. My “be here now” includes my doing and having, from “have, do, be” to “be, do, have.”

Expanding Into a Forgiveness Practice

Here’s a forgiveness practice I prefer.

By expanding to include ALL, I naturally become the witness / observer / watcher, but not as a duality that sets up self against soul as opposites, preferring soul to self.

I am the individuated self that lives within the boundaries of space-time, with all of its life learnings. I own the karma. AND, I am the boundaryless eternal soul. I am the self…I am the soul…I am the soul group…and I am all that is—the all that is where self versus other, and all dualities, release differentiation. I am the differentiated, individuated, particle self and I am one with the undifferentiated, whole, wave of conscious of all that is.

observation of nature and lifeMy awareness moves, depending on my state of being, from one perceptual position to another; for example, from self to soul or from self to other. I inhabit this life I am co-creating, with all its pleasures and pains. When I remember to awaken in any given moment, I expand my awareness to include my soul, and perhaps taste the fullness-emptiness of all that is. And from this remembrance, expand to include all I have experienced and all I am. There is no need to forget when I can expand to include.

When I remember to expand to include…all…the toxic triangle of aggressor > victim > rescuer naturally falls away. I remember that we are all one, and I naturally express more kindness, moving from within love. My heart awakens and I remember that I already am, always have been, and always will be that which…is…beyond words…along with everyone else and every thing…and from this space of wholeness, forgiving others is as easy as breathing out…and then inhaling…life.