Heightening Intuition Through Open Observation and a Loving Intent

Question for Alana: I work with the mentally ill in health care and I was wondering how I can better use my intuition to work with this population.

My duties vary from helping people to understand the mind-body connection in their medical problem or healing from an injury, pain management, overcoming depression to working with someone with very severe illness such as schizophrenia.

How can I connect the science and spirit to better assist the patients I work with? Thanks very much

Alana’s Answer: Thank your for your sensitive and caring question!

It is wonderful how your being has showed up in a health profession with such a deep intent to make a difference.

By acknowledging your internal aspects that drew you to this vocation it feeds the ability to receive intuitive guidance. When we are in the act of appreciation we feed the essence of that which we appreciate and the essence of others.

Open Observation & Loving Encouragement

You already have a sense of how to connect to each of your clients you are counseling as you listen to how they show up during your sessions.

Through “open observation,” (being present with each person with a loving intent) you hold a connection where each of your clients will feel the space that invites them to be present.

When a person is “lovingly seen” a great gift is offered that helps to create this safe space for clients to show up just as they are, while also engaging the observer’s intuitive senses.

After the space is established, next extend loving encouragement by acknowledging something that you sense about them. This furthers to deepens the connection. An invisible connection supports the safe space and moves the shared space into a zone of potential. This is when magical occurrences can happen in this shared state.

By catalyzing the connection through unattached observation a door to transformation can open. Oftentimes, it is subtle states that create the biggest opportunities for the emergence of change to occur.

Intuitive Sensing

State Versus Technique

Notice how this instruction has little to do with giving you a labeled technique to deepen your intuition. It is more about noticing what you already have within as you show up in each given moment. Your state of observation combined with a passionate heart is what awakens intuitive senses to notice and perceive more right brain input.

It is also useful to remember that we are all teaching each other all of the time.

We are entangled in a web of love…which is the sameness that we all share where we can all freely interact with no harm.

Coming to the Present Moment

Calming touch is also a great way to help people center, while connecting through the eyes.

Touch and eye contact can bring people to the present moment. Sometimes, if even for just a second, loving touch and eye contact can break a pattern to allow some type of useful reorganization.

Sense how your compassionate heart and loving touch can connect with your eyes. Together they support you in filtering information from your intuitive senses (information shared between you and your client).

So much is communicated and transferred through this gentle state of connection.

These subtle and simple interactions that invite deeper awareness may support the lovely work and intent you have to help those who are experiencing these physically based challenges.

You may also find through teaching others how to be present through loving intent and observation that they can also be a catalyst for creating healing space for themselves and others, too.

Each day science is becoming more aware and proving the importance of conscious intention, perception, and the power of love. By seeking what is holistic and useful it offers a path to transform our reality and engage with our intuitive senses.

Thank you for your lovely question.


7 thoughts on “Heightening Intuition Through Open Observation and a Loving Intent

  1. Marsha

    Hi David … do describe what you experience .. I bet others would like to know. The simplicity of Alana’s answer really causes one to slow down and soak up her answer!

  2. Sal A.

    What’s so absolutely amazing about this presentation is Alana is “practicing what she’s teaching,” as with all her comments. She is present, calm, loving, giving, helpful, open, in the moment as well as obviously highly intelligent, spiritual, providing exactly the right and correct knowledge in a clear way. I know how David feels when he says he needs to read it again and again as I feel also. I can’t express my appreciation enough for these connections with Alana.

  3. M.Dhanaraj

    Dear Alana, please help me. You know my heart. My heart goes all out wishing for the welfare of every body. How can I develop skills to help others? For example when I find somebody hurt in the middle of the road where there is no medical services available immediately, I would intend that I have powers to stop the bleeding and help the person. You know me. Please guide me as to how to live in love.

  4. Cheryl S.

    Dear Alana, in reference to the last question. What is a spiritual advisers role. A person can advise through the cosmic energy. But in reality it is, from spirit, to spirit, for spirit within the physical body. One is not sure what energy the adviser is using when it is given through the electrical elements, but then it is a way to give someone an idea of how they can overcome their dilemma in the end it is their choice. Everyone has free will.

  5. Abz

    I love the timeliness of this newsletter. It’s exactly what I needed to hear to provide as a sign that I’m on my path. Nothing happens by accident. Alana’s way of teach is amazing. Her ability to point out universal concepts with poise and simplicity, like there is no specific technique but to recognize the tools are inside of us, is truly remarkable. She puts us in the drivers seat of our lives and of our universe. And yet, she still has such a loving and humble heart. I strive to vibrate this level of excellence. Thank you Alana!


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