Moving Beyond Stuck: A Goal Setting Secret

An important discovery to make is our personal life mission.

When we identify it, our purpose or mission can increase our life’s joy and happiness.

But, we often get confused and make our purpose far too complicated.

Really, our life purpose is a simple expression of our soul that resonates within our heart.

When we take the time to discover the essence of our purpose, it is much easier to make decisions, like identifying meaningful work.

Question for Alana: Wherever I look for a direction on what I should do with my life, I get just one answer: Set a goal. But that is precisely what I can’t seem to arrive at.

To be honest, I feel like doing nothing. Not only am I goalless, I also can’t seem to zero in on a career.

I’m not happy with what I’m doing right now; my heart isn’t in it at all, but I don’t know what else to do. I just don’t feel motivated to try anything, but I need money.

Daydreaming and ConceptualizingAm I lazy? Am I just stuck with wrong choices?

I feel so lost. Dear Alana, please give me some spiritual guidance that will help get me going somewhere.

Thank you so much.

Alana’s Answer: Greetings, dear one. Thank you for submitting such a powerful question. Let us explore the essence of your question and perhaps we can together arrive at some ways to help you determine your next steps.

One thing we often forget is the power of conceptualization. The creative process has several stages before action is taken. We often forget that within stillness–the nurturing space that knowingness springs from–is one of the very first steps for birthing our concepts and ideas.

It sounds like you have entered this space and know that you cannot jump ahead; that you are missing some steps before you forge ahead with your career ambitions. Trust your lack of motivation because you are actually following your intuition.

Some individuals will judge the fertile space you are experiencing as a sort of laziness. However, you will come to a time when it feels right to move forward.

Give yourself some time to just be. Be still, observe, learn, feel your body, and let your body’s responses lead you. Wait until you receive an internal “Ah-ha” before taking the next “baby step” of creating a goal.

Alana call’s these small actions baby steps because great things are built on a foundation of small steps. Small steps are what are needed to create the space to discover your essence and authentic nature in greater detail. So give yourself some time to fill in each baby step.

Honor the space you’re in. Embrace it. Use it to nurture yourself while you feel “goalless.” Trust that hidden in your being is a goal yet to be realized. It will appear once you spend a little more time exploring your inner dimensions.

But What About the Money?

We do need to make a living and support ourselves. This is true!

Going for the MoneyTherefore, view what you are doing at this moment as the means to earn some income. This becomes a bridge of support while you are in this magical discovery process. Perhaps you can realize that everything is connected and because you are listening you are engaging your heart. There is purpose in how you are feeling in this moment, and this is a grand opportunity.

May you receive a sense of satisfaction knowing that there is a purpose to what may feel like lack of direction, even if your heart does not fully sing while performing the tasks at hand. Trust this process, because you are sensing something greater ahead.

Now you can use your spare time to get to know your inner nature more deeply. There are many books and courses designed to invoke one’s inner passion to uncover a personal mission. When you identify your simple mission, it will resonate in your heart. A simple mission is one that can be shared in one sentence–sometimes even one word. By identifying it, you can explore how you can express this purpose within various careers.

For example, our free course “Discovering Your Authentic Self” is a simple but very effective step by step process to uncover and ignite your personal mission. Take some time and explore this process, and don’t be in a hurry.

A Personal Discovery Process

Often, individuals find themselves working in jobs that others suggested would be good for them. This is sometimes because they haven’t taken the time to get to know their deeper passions. Ambitions can be defined by what socially are deemed as the good, better, and best occupations. When we follow the path of collective social values, we often overlook our innate natures. This is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. It may fit, but something will be missing.

It seems to Alana that you are instinctively and intuitively sensing that you are now ready to delve deeper into your purpose. Once you do, you will discover many amazing qualities within. You will know because enthusiasm will begin to bubble up.

Following Your PathWhen we engage with inner enthusiasm, the universe follows by opening doors on our path that lead to joy. This is a magical process of self love that will move your creativity from the conceptualization process to a clearer sense of purpose. Then a vocational interest will follow that wraps around this personal mission. It will be time to take the action steps that will manifest your desired outcomes.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.

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6 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Stuck: A Goal Setting Secret

  1. Jim

    Well I am so underemployed that I am closed to giving up like so many people have done already all across America. Living in Florida a state that has an unemployment a bit higher then the national average. And Obama’s health care plan has some very scary parts to it one its mandatory, two it has some stiff penalties if you don’t buy into it like prison for not being able to afford it. And three his plan is not all that affordable to the average worker. Also he is not doing any thing to create new jobs for Americans. That is what has me to the point of walking away and joining the homeless. Do you see things changing for the better for me any time soon. On the average I am only earning $30 every couple of weeks working part time for a wedding coordinator. So, I cant afford much at all.

    1. JustAskMs."V"

      Every day that God provides us with an opportunity to take one more breathe we are blessed. I have lost almost everything, Oh But God! Don’t focus on what you don’t have focus on what you do have,and what you have to offer to others. ┬áThere is something deep within you that you have not tapped into to make additional money, please tap into that source. You said that you were a wedding coordinator which means you are creative, move from the thought process of homeless to failure is NOT an OPTION!!! Be Blessed as you tap in to your creative side and move forward to greatness! “JUST ASK MS. “V”

  2. Marsha

    God gives us more of what we think; More of what we fuel with our velocity of energy … Alana

    This is a quote that I found on your site and I really appreciated these words of wisdom. When I feel sorry for myself or things seem really hard it reminds me to go do something nice for someone, to stop complaining and take some type of creative action. It might be helping someone wash their car, or mow their lawn, I just do something! Then I trust, because I know that something good will come back because I spent more time focusing on doing something without worrying, and I find something usually comes back … I always get what I need. We can always look outside of ourselves and find stuff to complain about but when I do that it makes me feel worse! It is about choices, really I guess. Where to focus.

  3. Dolors

    My mother told me that I cried while I was still inside her womb, and that the midwife said I would be “special”. I think she’s been waiting for me to do something “special” in life. I’ve been looking for information about this, and some people say that babies who cry before they are born have some kind of “gifts”. I really don’t know how this can be true, since I think all of us are special and have the same abilities if we just develop them, but then, why do people believe that? Is it just a popular saying with no basis? Could you please tell me something about that? Thank you very much.

  4. Vicki

    What is keeping me and my soul mate apart from me? We had been engaged and broken up. We have been miserable married to other people. I know we love each other, but he’s always angry.

  5. sanbreck Post author

    Hi Marsha, crying is a complex behavior that requires coordination of various motor systems. This is a response your nature was providing when points to a desire to communicate. So others may feel you were distressed and others would point to this strength saying something about you. You might spend some time journaling on the topic and see what you learn.


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