Watching for Red Flags: What is a Spiritual Advisor’s Role?

Question for Alana: I need some guidance.

I have spoken to a spiritual guide over the phone who tells me that I will have deceit occur but not on a relationship level.

She stated that I am an old soul who is meant to have a hard life and she feels that I do not want to hear this. Of course I don’t.

I told her I had a difficult childhood and she said that she has had a difficult life! This is what life is about.

I am meant to have a one-on-one reading with her tomorrow and she says I will need a box of tissues. What should I do?

Help, please. I have felt very odd since speaking to this person on the phone. I feel very anxious because I suffer from anxiety.

Alana’s Answer: Greetings dear one, and thank you for offering your question and the sharing of your concerns.

Almost everyone has times in their lives where seeking an outside guide can help us sort through our confusions. Seeking council can be very wise at times when it is difficult to feel grounded and centered, or when facing important decisions.

It is also very wise to select that council based on their ability to empower through heartfelt awareness. All to often an advisors’ facade presents the illusion that they have greater insights into the life of another.

Trusting Gut Level Feelings

You experienced an odd feeling after talking with this person, and rightly so.

Your gut level feelings, which are connected to your intuition, are trying to tell you something. Sometimes our intuition speaks softly and then when we don’t realize or understand, our intuition this gentle voice or feeling has to learn how to speak louder. This escalation can move our body senses from feeling odd to feeling quite anxious.

So dear one, trust your feelings because they are within you to point you to what you value and what is truly important to your heart.

A previous questioner was feeling uneasy about visiting a Tarot card reader … one insight that was shared is:

The spiritual advisors’ purpose is not to tell you what to do, make judgments of you, or decide for you. It is really about facilitating you to follow your own heart.

(Please click the link above and read the full question and answer to understand the context of the definition.)

From the little bit you shared about the spiritual guide you spoke to on the phone it is apparent that this advisors’ guidance is presented through filters that are not the clearest or most helpful.

Alana will try to explain.

Watching for Red Flags

Red Flag Alert You have heard the term, “red flag,” yes…used as a signal to be on alert? In your statement above there are a few red flags.

The guide’s comment that you will have deceit occur is the first red flag and let Alana explain why.

You see, a spiritual guide who speaks from the heart would never predict an outcome of another. For we all have potentials, possibilities, and probabilities, depending on how much vested energy we have spun from our various levels of being.

We live in a world with many souls and situations surrounding us, so there is always a possibility that we may experience deception, just as there is always a possibility that we may experience support and encouragement. It is our own perspective and attachments that move possibilities into potential outcomes, or probabilities.

The clearer we become in our hearts while trusting in our innate power to turn toward that which we choose to create the less likely we will encounter an event or circumstance that leaves us without the wisdom and knowledge to be aware in any given moment. Even if in that moment we are surrounded by what our mind may judge as a negative outcome.

What is the Most Useful Story?

What this means is that focusing on deception as a probability invites it to become our story. We make up stories all the time, but you must ask … “Is this story useful?” Was you guide’s suggestion the most useful suggestion that could have been made to you? A guides’ role is to support you in determining what is your most useful story.

ButtonThe next red flag is the comment that living life is meant to be hard. Again, that is a story, or a meme that many collectively have agreed upon. This is the definition of a meme:

An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means.

A meme is a passed on belief. And beliefs can become mantras. You may want to ask yourself if that declaration is the most useful belief to have. I think not.

Humanity does often learn by contrast, yes … but is that a law of the universe, or a secret code inscribed to the living? No … life can be filled with bliss as soon as a distinction is made to what bliss is!

Also, often you here the term … “Well it’s my Karma.” Again, karma is a type of measurement of cause and effect when attachment and duality are present. It is not a universal truth.

Otherwise, bad things would never happen to good people, nor would good things happen to bad people. What happens in our lives has a direct relationship to our multi-dimensionalities, desired experiences and the amount of attention and intention we fuel with our mind/heart connection. You are a creator of your life and have vast unrealized powers.

Intuitive Listening

Lastly, Alana would like to suggest that you take some time to explore your own intuitive knowing. The body is a wonderful gauge for sensing our intuition.

Chatting on the PhoneHave you ever felt an urge to call someone on the phone only to find they were just thinking about you? When you asked, “Why did I call at that moment?” the answer you most likely received is that you “just” felt like you needed to.

So begin to trust your feelings. Begin to learn more how your intuitive senses move within you. Developing one’s intuition is just like experiencing exercise; the more you do it the better at it and stronger you become.

A guess would be that the anxiety you sometimes feel, and the odd sensation you had are signals that you have a grand intuitive resource within that is just waiting to guide you! Anxiousness can at times be our nature wanting us to pay attention to the wisdom of our inner knowing.

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7 thoughts on “Watching for Red Flags: What is a Spiritual Advisor’s Role?

  1. Kimberly

    Well, I have always had gut feelings, anxiety about certain people or situations, feelings right when I meet people, knowing who is calling before the phone rings, not every time, but a lot, etc. But I have always ignored it because of what others have said or because I thought it was just coincidence. Lately since I have given in to the fact that I may have a good intuition or even more maybe, it has been happening more frequently and with more intensity. A lot of times over the years, but more recently for sure, I will just come up with the answer or prediction of what is going on with a person or situation and be so matter of fact, but it feels like I’m making it up or pulling it out of thin air. So I have always ignored it in the past. But recently, I have remembered my predictions and they have all come true.

    The weirdest one yet is when my friend played a song on his computer, apparently an old Egyptian burial song, which I had no idea, and said I bet you’ve never heard this song. I said yes I had seen a movie and that is were I know the song. We argued for a while and finally I stared at the ground and remembered the scene from the movie. It was as if the camera was inside of a pyramid, on top of something that was being pushed very slowly along many people who were standing and sitting against the walls watching it go by. The camera was the main character and I was looking through his eyes. Torches lit the way and finally the scene ended and I could remember no more but my eyes were open the whole time and I talked out loud as I saw each thing, still adamant that it was a movie I was remembering. My friend finally said it was the burial song of King Tut and there was no movie. Coincidence? I’m not sure. But he told me nothing at first, just played the song and I came up with the rest.

    How do I develop my intuition, if that is what this is, or is it something else? And do I have a little more than the average person or can anyone develop these skills? Also, some people seem to be a block when I am around them. Is that normal? Are there people out there like that? Someone recommended I get into Wicca, or witchcraft. What do you think? I’m very confused! Please help. Am I crazy? I have been diagnosed with bi-polar type one for years now.

  2. Mrityunjaya

    I am happy in the sense that I have good money and a good wife and good son. I am earning a good salary and live in a good house but from within I am not happy. It seems to me that I am lacking something. What is the reason?

  3. Tracey A. W.

    I have an anxiety disorder. I’m also clairsentient to a degree. I have had experiences of all kinds since I was a child, sometimes in dreams, but mainly seeing the bigger picture and just “knowing things”. Could my constant anxiety be caused by a spirit wanting to make contact, as I am a trainee psychic or medium? I have always thought that my anxiety disorder is hindering my progress? Is it also true that if you have a mental illness that you can’t contact a spirit? I would be interested in knowing, because I have and there were witnesses.

  4. Kimberly

    I am still waiting for a response from my post months ago. I really need some direction and need to know the best way for me to clear my head and develop my intuition so I may begin to make the right decisions, as I am at a fork in the road right now. Can you suggest the name and or number of someone who can do a real reading for me please? Had one years ago, then got one done by one of those palm readers that advertise in yellow pages and the first one was amazing and the second was a joke and waste of money! I need help, please respond. thank you

  5. Sandy Breckenridge

    Hi Kimberly. That you for sharing your experiences. We do offer a very powerful yet practical approach to helping people with all levels of intuitive abilities fine tune their skills. If you follow the course I am sure you will gain more confidence in your abilities and you will also realize you have nothing to fear nor will others seem to block your access to what is a natural ability. To get the course, just sign up for our ezine, and the course will be emailed to you. You can easily unsubscribe anytime you would like too.

    The things you are noticing, your sensitivities, and desire to understand them better is the first step in developing more intuitive skill.

    To receive the course visit Developing Your Intuition Course

  6. Deb Pearl

    I’m glad that you mentioned that a spiritual advisor’s purpose isn’t to tell you what to do, but to help you follow your own heart. I think having someone there who can help you follow your own heart would be more beneficial than just telling you what to do next. It would definitely help someone trust in themselves more as well!


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