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The Boo-Boo Zoo: Big Hearts Save the Lives of Injured, Orphaned, and Sick Animals

Two incredible people operate an amazing, life-saving refuge for animals. The East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR)—also known as the Boo-Boo Zoo—is operated by Sylvan and Suzie Schwab.

At EMAR, domestic and wild animals are cared for with love by these two and their team of passionate volunteers.

Sylvan and Suzie are perfect examples of what is possible when one follows a path of true joy. Without their intervention, hundreds of animals each year would suffer and die.

Please scroll to the bottom, and read the latest News Bulliten.

The “Boo-Boo Zoo”

Boo-Boo Zoo on Maui, HiEMAR is a safe and nurturing place for injured, orphaned, or sick animals to reside. As the only place on the island of Maui to take in orphaned or injured wildlife, the Boo-Boo Zoo is a sanctuary for all animals regardless of what has happened to them. Animals are euthanized only if the volunteer veterinarian determines the animal is in irreversible pain.

The volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Moyer, is only one of several individuals that pitch in to make sure the not-for-profit EMAR is operating efficiently. Volunteers assist by cleaning kennels, feeding the animals—some of which require specialized feeding methods—and with general maintenance around the property.

EMAR is funded entirely through private donations. With a $20,000 to $25,000 monthly operating cost associated with caring for the approximately 500 animals that reside at EMAR, the Boo-Boo Zoo is always grateful for the generous donations by individuals and businesses. These donations cover the costs of vet supplies and medications, food for the animals, lease costs, and utilities.

In the Beginning: A Self-Rehabilitation Program

Suzie was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the 1970s. She decided to live the last of her days somewhere new, and ended up living next door to Sylvan in Maui. Once the two began dating, Sylvan noticed how much joy Suzie radiated when caring for sick or injured animals, despite her own pain and illness. He started presenting her with more and more animals in need of her caring touch, and eventually EMAR started in 1977.

Sylvan studied with the Department of Land and Natural Resources to learn all the different methods and elements of caring for all types of animals. EMAR operates under licenses granted by both state and federal departments of Fish and Wildlife, giving the Boo-Boo Zoo permission to rehabilitate animals.

Sylvan and Suzie always maintain that because of the opportunities to care for and save the lives of these animals, Suzie’s own life was saved; today she is cancer-free.

Not-For-Profit Animal Sanctuary

Two acres of land near Haiku, Maui, is dedicated to the nurturing and caring for a variety of injured and orphaned animals. From cows to ducks, cats to deer, horses to dogs, and owls to pigs, EMAR takes in approximately 500 animals per year, half of which are wildlife. Each of the critters has his or her own incredible animal story that as led them to the Boo-Boo Zoo, just like this one:

An Owl Story of SurvialMy name is Kuuipo, which means Sweetheart in Hawaiian. I am a pueo,  an endangered Hawaiian owl. I was hit by a truck, so my legs don’t work. I love people to hold me, talk to me, and I am very loving back. I am especially thankful to Lynn, a wonderful volunteer here, for her undying love and care for me.

EMAR operates to complement other rescue organizations rather than duplicate services. For example, EMAR is different from the Humane Society as it accepts and cares for injured wild animals. Without the existence of the Boo-Boo Zoo, these animals would die. On rare occasions EMAR has adopted out animals, but encourages people to adopt from the Human Society as an act to “save a life.”

All donations made to the EMAR are tax deductible. The not-for-profit organization has in place several different East Maui Animal Refuge donation options, including an animal sponsorship program. EMAR also gratefully encourages people to volunteer and care for the animals (as with volunteer Lynn, who was nursed Kuuipo back to health).

For more information on the Boo-Boo Zoo, watch the video below, and visit the East Maui Animal Refuge (aka The Boo-Boo Zoo) website.

Watch the Boo-Boo Zoo Video

NEWS BULLETIN 2011 – Animal Confiscation

The wildlife permits for the East Maui Animal Refuge have been suddenly suspended due to The Refuge’s No-Kill policy, which is and for nearly 30 years has openly been in conflict with Wildlife Rehabilitation laws.

Dept. of The Interior US Fish and Wildlife Service confiscated 5 Hawaiian Pueo, 4 Barn owls, Two Cattle Egret, a baby cardinal, 3 sparrows and 2 house finches.
Most of these birds, certainly all of the owls, have been euthanized.

Fearing a similar fate to our small herd of Axis deer, EMAR immediately negotiated a “stay of execution” for our remaining animals.
Thanks to the outcry of the public Sylvan has attained a “grandfather” clause for our existing herd.

The Dept. of Land & Natural resources (DLNR) has inspected the property and assured us that as long as we are actively working to come into compliance no further actions will be taken against us.
We now begin the process of creating a deer enclosure within DLNR’s specifications. The initial estimate for the fence alone is approximately $20,000.00, material and labor.

To regain our original as well as important additional licenses and permits and to be able to continue the important services of EMAR to Maui Community and it’s animals, very expensive, labor intensive changes must be made to the existing enclosures and habitats of our Refuge as well as building a facility that can house all wildlife separate from the domestic animals and establish a program that complies with the law in order to regain wildlife rehabilitation permits.

Please, Help us Help the Helpless.

EMAR is desperately trying to find a way within these laws to continue as a No-Kill Sanctuary but if we are to be able to take in any injured wild life in the future we must come into compliance with State and Federal law.

To do this EMAR needs financial support, skilled labor as well as expert wild life re-habbers and legal advisors.

25 Maluaina Pl, Haiku, HI 96708