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Why Do We Have to Work?

Why is it that we get up each morning and go to work? You may be thinking: Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable if we didn’t have a job to go to?

You may perceive the whole purpose of going to your job or work is to pay the bills. But, what if the reason you work at a skill or job isn’t just to earn money, but goes much deeper?

What if you are fulfilling some type of life purpose?

Contribution and The Discovery of Purpose

Working at a job or vocation really is innately tied to a contribution we make while living on earth, and the nudges along the way to discover a deeper inner purpose that is inherent within us.

These two ideals are evident when we examine our natural world, only to discover that everything has its own unique purpose and a place in the grand scheme of things.

Smiling Woman on BeachMankind is no different, really. Perhaps each individual has a unique purpose they are meant to fulfill. It seems when we are actualizing this aspect of our nature we feel more alive and are suffused with a sense of meaning while also feeling in harmony with the world around us.

When we are not deepening this purpose, we can toss and turn through life, sensing a profound lack of meaning and sense of disconnection. For some people, this uneasiness often pervades over their ever-waking moment.

This could make anyone wonder why it is so difficult to our inner calling to essentially identify a compatible vocation or career and actualize this inner purpose. Could the reason for this confusion be that finding and actualizing this deep intent is truly challenging and provides each of us with a continual process to learn along the way about our inherent natures?

Blocks in Creating a Meaningful Livelihood

When we look about we find almost everyone working for somebody else, and many individuals are working in jobs that feel to them like dead ends.

Some people actually look for a rich spouse or someone to take care of them and be responsible for their livelihood.

Or, due to our sometimes parental, financial, and often social conditioning, many seek instead to simply find some type of employment that allows them to meet their basic needs. When motivated by survival an individual may feel justified in working at any trade or job because they are at least productive.

Most often choices like this lead to a nagging inner voice that tells us we’re meant to do or be something else. Anyone who has taken a job purely for financial reasons can relate to this mind chatter that creates an empty feeling. So what’s the answer to this compromise?

Experiencing Life When Pursuing A Purpose

Flowers and Happy WomanCould the answer be discovered laying dormant in our being, just waiting for us to ask the right questions?

When we are passionate this creative state infuses us with energy, vitality, and drive that we lack in our lives otherwise. Most anyone who has a sense of pride or self-awareness knows how much more vital they feel when their hearts are fueled by passion. This primal, but essential, state guides us to our hearts when we can gleam our innate purpose.

Whatever that purpose is for each of us, it is never complicated. When we are pursuing this essential aspect of our nature we find motivational fulfillment and we feel very much alive and a part of our world. Our ability to attract possibility increases. We draw to us more meaningful choices. Our vocation or job ceases to be work and instead becomes an expression of our being. Creative energy moves through us, which is also a direct measurement of our ability to earn, receive, and gain recognition, and personal satisfaction along with other rewards.

Be, Do, Have

This almost sounds like a jingle! We be, we do, and we have.

From this sense of being enthused by inner passion we are assisted to do what enlivens us  and in turn our actions produce material results. Our doing provides sustenance for ourselves along with stimulating personal fulfillment.

By identifying this inner spark we find it easier to work in a vocation or a job that is also our vehicle for creating income to live—that is, unless you were born independently wealthy, or have a rich aunt that leaves you a sizable inheritance.

A Blessing in Disguise

Perhaps one of the very greatest blessing we may identify is our need to survive. It really is a catalyst that can consciously lead us to discover more about our deeper life intent and authentic self expression.

Smiling Group of PeopleThis may be called a law of nature that invites us to explore our inner passion so we may find a path that leads us and helps us discover a fulfilling vocation or career at some point in our life when we make a conscious choice to do so.

Our authentic innate being engages our creative doing, which produces for us having what allows us to thrive.

If you find yourself asking: Why do I have to go to work? Maybe you are side-tracked from asking a more useful question. Perhaps it’s time to invite your mind to ask away so you can connect to your heart to find the seeds of your passion, so you can live your purpose, be, do, have, receive, and contribute in this world full of opportunity.

You just may find opening your heart leads to great fulfillment, personal reward, a job you enjoy, and the life you were destined to live.

The 7 Great Prayers for a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings

“The 7 Great Prayers for a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings” by Paul and Tracey McManus introduces readers to the idea of embodying faith and gratitude.

Married couple Paul and Tracey worked collaboratively to produce this book.

As thoughtfully documented in the text the authors drew inspiration from personal experiences and their own relationships with God when writing the book.

They write to encourage others to maintain an ever thankful approach to life even when facing some of their most difficult challenges.

As the title implies, the book focuses on seven unique and heartfelt prayers. Additionally, the writers pepper the text with touching personal anecdotes.

Learning through Experience and Prayer

Connecting with PrayerEach of the seven prayers touches upon the subjects of love, thankfulness, faith, and intention.

Within the book, the McManuses first invite readers to learn more about their own lives, opening up about difficulties they have overcome. These autobiographical accounts set the stage for the themes within the book.

Next readers move on to learn the different prayers, and how to adapt each verse to their own unique situations within the world.

Finally, the authors supply their audience with a journal and 21 day plan for truly making the prayers a physical part of everyday life.

A Journal Invites Hands-On Involvement

The journal is located at the rear of the book, and includes a day by day guide to completing the 21 day challenge. This journal serves the readers as an invaluable resource to accompany the lessons within the text.

Through the journal, readers have the opportunity to play an active role in the prayer challenge presented by Paul and Tracey. After the 21 days, readers should begin noticing the blessings they have welcomed into their lives through their affirmative graces and attitudes.

Additionally, after making an honest effort over the course of the three weeks the prayers become more routine and perhaps even lifelong habits.

Offering further support, the authors provide journal refills from their website to encourage readers to maintain their prayer practice. Tracey and Paul’s authentic investment in the well-being of their readers is both touching and inspiring.

Affirmative Prayers to God

A notable difference in Paul and Tracey’s book, as compared to other personal growth books on the market, lies in their sincere faith in God. While many other books may focus on similar themes, they lack the strong spiritual faith of Paul and Tracey.

The 7 Great Prayers BookCoverTo the McManus couple God is not only all-powerful, but also friendly and inviting. Through their book, they introduce others to this concept of God, and remind readers that the tried and true method of prayer really works for improving one’s quality of life.

Between the heartfelt stories and thoughtful prayer advice, readers can expect an enjoyable and moving read from “The 7 Great Prayers for a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings.”

The words and resources from Paul and Tracey McManus feel truly heartfelt and supportive. Readers are left with an enthusiasm for embracing a lifestyle of gratitude and taking joy in the many gifts of the world.

If you are more inclined to describe God as universal love, divine light, infinite wisdom or some other word, you can easily do so and still enjoy the powerful intention to connect and empower your life through positive intention and trust in a higher power.

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