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Experience Benefits of Chanting – Book and CD: Chants of a Lifetime by Krishna Das

The benefits of chanting have touched people’s lives from ancient times to the present.

Chanting is an experience that delights the ears as the spaces between the words along with the chanted sounds and words engage the intention of the heart and soul of the chanter.

While chanting powerful forces are engaged. The lungs, chest, and mind are exercised. A person can overcome shyness during group chants, and they can learn new languages while engaging in the wisdom of the words chanted.

The experience of listening to chants can activate the listener on many different levels. Chants can take the listener or chanter into higher states of consciousness, extend deep relaxation, demonstrate devotion, open up memory channels to higher knowledge while connecting them to fields of non-visible information.

Chanting is a beloved and sacred ritual capturing the attention of many who wish to know oneness and experience spirituality.

Read a recent review of Chants of a Lifetime by Krishna Das, published by HayHouse Books.

The Chants of Krishna Das

Krishna Das PhotoThe following review offers the reader an opportunity to embrace the “Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold” by Krishna Das.

Krishna Das’ recent book Chants of a Lifetime has something for everyone on the spiritual path. His no-nonsense approach to the topic of love, chanting and even having a guru offers a rare voice to the somewhat crowded business of spirituality.

His first-person account of his life and many of his experiences with his guru Neem Karoli Baba offers an intimate account of how Krishna Das—one of the spiritual world’s preeminent devotional singers—became “Krishna Das.”

An Intimate Look at Krishna Das’ Life

The author shares a personal account of his own life including addiction and his personal relationships, some of his experiences with Ram Das—one of Neem Karoli’s most famous students—some fascinating differences between Western and Indian cultures, his journey through chanting, as well as important teachings from many teachers and disciplines along the way.

But most importantly, Krishna Das writes about his own experience with love. He says “When we’re in love, when we feel loved, we go through the day in a different way. It’s simple…

…we start to feel better regardless of what’s happening. But what if that somebody we love is us?

He later says: “We’re in relationship to everything, all the time. It seems that the bottom line to relationships is this: As much as you love yourself, that’s how much you will be able to love another and allow yourself to be loved (134-135).”

Chants of a Lifetime is full of this kind of grounded, authentic, and connected wisdom.

Chants of a Lifetime Bookcover

Kirtan with Krishna Das

With nothing but love to sell, Krishna Das continually reveals himself as the real deal: his CD found in the back cover is a hidden gem, especially if you love to chant.

The recording follows a call and response format: him singing and then a blank space for you to respond, so basically you can have kirtan with KD whenever you like.

Krishna Das is one of those rare souls in life: Smart enough to seek the truth within himself, and simple enough to do what he is told once he gets there.

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