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The Banyan Deer Book Illustrates the Courage of a True Leader

The Banyan Deer is a touching story of how one animal’s brave soul and ability to follow what is true can lead to a complete change in the lives and attitudes of many—even a king.

And although in The Banyan Deer the heroic characters are deer who influence a man, this powerful parable holds true for all of humanity. In fact, humanity would do well to learn the lesson of this important story.

The Banyan Deer is a parable told by Rafe Martin that teaches the reader about the power of standing up for truth and justice, even at the risk of sticking out your own neck. It seems today most people keep quiet as not to disturb the unhealthy status quo. Some speak out for what they believe, but only very few are willing to walk the walk as well.

The Banyan Deer Shows the Courage a True Leader Must Possess

Deer IllustrationIn a world of followers (that seems to be leading to our own demise) what we need today is real life character just like the Banyan Deer King in this inspiring story, The Banyan Deer (Wisdom Publications).

Martin captures the true essence of bravery, courage, and compassion in this tale well worth reading to the old and young alike.

This story begins with a mother deer teaching her son deer about how he came to be, and why an infamous statue forever immortalizing their own king, King Banyan, stands where it does.

Imagine Humanity Learning from the Animal Kingdom

The Banyan King teaches the human king in this awesome story about the rights of all to have life in peace and harmony as well as an incredible lesson about self-sacrifice for the good of others—whether you know them or not.

This is a parable that should be read to the children today from a very young age as it’s written in such simplistic, yet beautiful terms that even the youngest listener can pay attention and understand, especially with repetition.

The Banyan Deer is a much-needed story for us all to embrace and live in today’s “all me” world. I highly recommend this parable for all. The illustrations are likewise inspiring, beautiful, and even comforting. This book is a true beauty in every way.

Honored Author and Illustrator Create this Unparalleled Tale

Book Cover of The Banyan DeerRafe Martin is an accomplished writer who has won numerous awards and recognitions including the Empire State Award, three American Library Association Notable Book awards, four Parent’s Choice Gold Awards, and much more. His incredible work has been cited in Time Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, and USA Today.

The illustrator of The Banyan Deer, Richard Wehrman, has also had his share of well-deserved recognition and his illustrations seem to magically blend into this gentle yet powerful tale. Among Wehrman’s honors are being chosen as Rochester’s Communicator of the Year for illustration and he received a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators. These illustrations complement this empowering tale perfectly.

You can bet I’ll be looking for more stories from both this author and illustrator.

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