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Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What – A Documentary on Psychic Phenomenon

Something Unknown is a a film by Renée Scheltema that explores the our sixth sense.

Have you ever had a dream that seems to be eerily repeated in real life?

Ever saw something happen seconds or minutes before it actually occurs?

Although most of us simply write off these peculiar experiences as “weird” or coincidence there just may be something more going on here, a whole lot more.

A Scientific Exploration

Pic Renee ScheltemaIn her award-winning feature documentary Rene Scheltema goes on a scientific exploration of the world of psychic phenomena. Meeting with leading experts in science, para-psychology, and alternative medicine Scheltema takes the viewer on an open, honest journey to discover if these unexplained, often disbelieved experiences are fact or myth.

Scheltema meets with researchers who have up until this point have yet to be filmed in regards to their groundbreaking research.

Each researcher opens up to Scheltema and the world in this 105 minute documentary, which is also directed and produced by Scheltema.

Winner of 6 Awards

Some of the worlds most renowned paranormal as well as scientific experts are interviewed on this film which has won 6 awards:

  1. Official Selection at Santa Fe Science Fiction Film Festival
  2. Official Selection at Doc Fest in Berlin
  3. Official Selection at Santa Cruz Film Festival
  4. Official Selection at Los Angeles Feel Good Film Festival
  5. Official Selection at Spirit Quest Film Festival
  6. Winner of the Jury Award at the Tucson Arizona International Film Festival

Something Unknown ImageHear the first hand account of astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s (the sixth man to walk on the moon) life changing event as he traveled in space. He describes the experience as a transpersonal experience.

Transpersonal experiences are referred to as epiphanies individuals have at some time; the experience of feeling on every level that indeed you are part of something bigger, much bigger.

Explore the Big Five Paranormal Events

Listen and watch as numerous scientists, researchers, and professors explore the Big Five paranormal events.

These Big Five are as follows:

  1. Telepathy
  2. Clairvoyance or Remote Viewing
  3. Precognition
  4. Psycho Kinesis
  5. Psychic Healing

Join attendees at a PK Party (psycho kinesis), better known as spoon and metal bending parties. Watch as they focus their minds on the intended object, command that object to change, and let it go. There are successes you can actually witness in this engaging movie.

Meet Oscar the Telepathic Cat

Oscar the Psychic CatLearn about the now famous Oscar the cat that is believed to have telepathic powers and knows two to three hours before a terminally ill dementia patient is going to die. He quietly and deliberately sits by their side until the end.

He’s become so keen and on target with detecting these deaths that the personnel actually call close family in to say their final goodbyes when he begins to sit by a patient.

Learn about the amazing and fascinating remote viewing strategies used during the Cold War that accurately detected numerous Soviet Union nuclear weapons sites. Discover what former President Jimmy Carter said was one of the most interesting, surprising phenomena he experienced as President of the United States of America; hint: remote viewers were part of it!

An Interesting, Fact Filled Film

Something Unknown DVD CoverThis is an interesting film loaded with facts and expert testimonial about the power of the mind and the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe.

This film is well done by Renée Scheltema and presents more information to back these phenomena than ever before. If you like many of us have felt a little abnormal, perhaps watching this film will put your mind at ease because you will soon learn that paranormal events may be more ordinary than you may think.

It’s inspiring and well compiled. The 105 minutes flew by and left me not just believing but wanting to know more!

To learn more, visit > Something Unknown Documentary

To learn more, visit > Something Unknown Documentary