How to Make Faery Wings

How to make fairy wings

What little girl doesn't want a good pair of faery wings. They are great for the May Day celebrations, to wear to costume parties, or just to ensure wide berth when you go to your next street fair.

Here's instructions for how to make faery wings.

You will need:

  • 5-8 feet of 14 gauge steel wire, how long depends on how tall your fairy is, and 14 gauge wires is bendable enough to work with but strong enough to hold up.
  • Wire clippers, duct tape, needle nose pliers, especially if you want to use longer wire and bend it into cool wrought iron shapes before fitting it into the wing shape.
  • A pair of queen size pantyhose in the brightest color you can find.
  • Safety pins needle (strong enough to go through duct tape is best) and thread, and as many supplies as you'd like to embellish your wings.

Shape the wire into a figure 8. Next, secure the middle with duct tape and trim off any sharp ends. You may want to reinforce the cut edges with more duct tape so you are sure you won't get scraped. Cut the legs off of the pantyhose and stretch each one over each wing, stretching it tight and securing it at the bottom. This is where it might get tricky. Secure the edges if need be with duct tape to hold them in place and sew the edges together, through the duct tape if you can.

At this point you can use the panty part of the hosiery for the halter. Just cut out the crotch and slip it over your head. Or, you can use ties to secure the wings to your body. Sewing the wings onto the back of the halter works really well, though.

Okay, Decorate your wings anyway you'd like. The old glitter and glue trick works well, or use colorful thick permanent markers, real flowers, or anything else you can imagine. Gothic fairy wings look great when made from black pantyhose, of course, or use a combination of black and gray or lace. You can teach your daughter how to make fairy wings for her dolls by using pipe cleaners, scotch tape and pieces of old nylons. This is a wonderful project to share with your child and will bring smiles to you both as you parade around with your very own fairy wings.