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Helping You Learn To Trust Your Heart

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Kirk VandenBerghe and Sandy BreckenridgeThe easiest way to enjoy is one bite at a time. There's lots of free information here and it's organized so you can easily find what you need.

As you explore our many offerings, it's our hope that you find practical spirituality information that can empower you right your day-to-day life. We're here to help spirituality be useful and transforming.

Our purpose is to help you learn to trust your heart...not try to provide all the answers. The energy of your vast and beautiful heart is the highway to infinite wisdom. If we can help to inspire you to discover your own truths, it will bring us great joy.

Kirk VandenBerghe & Sandy Breckenridge

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The Seven Sacred Steps: A Practical Guide to Peace and Freedom
Published in January of 2001 as a paperback book, you can now read the entire text for free! This beautiful book is filled with practical spirituality, offering Alana's heartfelt wisdom and teachings. We'll be adding the chapters in bite size pieces, so make sure to check back at least once a week. (You might want to jot down a reminder note.) And if you like, tell some friends that like this kind of stuff.

Intro, Chapter 1 & 2

Chapters 3 , 4, & 5

Chapters 6 & 7

Send Free E-mail Greeting Cards
Your friends and loved ones will enjoy receiving our beautiful e-mail cards. We're told these are some of the most beautiful free eCards on the web. Choose from two collections, each offering over fifteen series of art ecards.

Fantasy Art eCards with Angels, Goddesses, & Fairies

Traditional Free E-Mail Cards for Special Events and Holidays

Soul Mate Connections: Finding a Soul Mate Series
Here you will find a discourse of thirty-five questions and answers on this important topic. We asked Alana to describe just "what is a soul mate," how do your go about "finding your soul mate," and many other insights on creating loving relationships.

1 - 18

19 - 35

Consult The Soul Mate Oracle
Would you like some encouragement and spirituality advice regarding your relationships? We hope you enjoy these inspirational quotes from Alana.

"The Guide to the Other Side"
In a series of 17 segments, this series provides answers to heart-felt questions on a variety of topics relating to afterlife and the other side.

Discovering Your Authentic Self
Experience our most recent work. It's literally a guide to help you become who you truly are.

Explore The Spirituality Series
Discover more about body, mind, and spirit. Learn the importance of Chakra Balancing and how it relates to developing your intuition. Improve your relationships through insightful articles.

Enjoy Short Stories
Experience a wide variety of inspirational short stories and inspiring personal development articles.

1 - 18

19 - 36

Fairies and Goddesses
Read articles about types of Fairies in art, Disney, fairytales, and Irish legends. Also find wonderful information on ancient Goddesses like Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, or Hera Goddess of Marriage.

Find Free Numerology Online
Here's a gift for you: Enjoy our free, 21-lesson on-line Numerology Course.

Your Numerology Personal Year
Find out what your Personal Year Number is and learn what action steps to take to make the most out of the year.

Learn about eternal truths from some of the greatest thinkers, past and present.

New Age and Personal Growth Articles

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