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Astrology: Celestial Connections to an Earthbound Life

Are you curious about the Pisces characteristics that your fiancé is beginning to exhibit? Do you wonder what influences Pluto the planet and Leo the constellation might have over your relocation to a new country? In your quest for love, have you identified the zodiac signs that have the highest level of compatibility with you? Is the horoscope section of the newspaper the first thing that you read every morning? Have you programmed your telephone to have your personal astrologer on speed dial?

If you answered yes to any and/or all of these questions, you're traveling the astrological path to understanding the influences that the planets, stars, moon, sun, and other celestial bodies can have on your life here on Earth. Whether you consider astrology to be a science, a divining tool, a source of spirituality, or a study to be approached with skepticism, there is a tremendous amount of astrological information available to the layperson as well as to the trained astrologer.

Free daily and weekly horoscopes are potentially one of the most utilized resources of astrological predictions. Other areas of interest include astrocartography map kits, books pertaining to understanding astrology, computer programs for creating your own horoscope, online reviews of astrology products, and private readings from professional astrologers. These resources can help you in answering questions such as:

  • My new baby is a Pisces; characteristics that she might display over time include what?
  • My Western astrology natal chart indicates that my ruling planet is Pluto. The planet that has the strongest influence over me in a Vedic astrological birth chart isn't the same. Why is that?
  • I'm a Leo. The constellation for Leo is a lion. Does that mean I'm prone to "lion-like" behavior?

Astrology is also often used to predict major events such as those involving natural disasters and political upheavals. While some people simply enjoy reading horoscopes for famous celebrities, others rely heavily on astrologers to help them make important life decisions such as choosing between job offers, finding the "best place" to live, and determining the best month to get married.

Regardless if you're studying Pluto the planet and Leo the constellation from an astronomical or astrological standpoint, or you're comparing Virgo traits of being overly critical to Pisces characteristics of being over-sensitive, the celestial knowledge that you're seeking is easily accessible. For those who have astrology-related services and products to offer, there's a huge market of inquiring minds who would like your assistance in guiding them on their astrological pursuits. Share your astrology knowledge with the celestial knowledge seekers.

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