Heart Combined with Intention is the Fuel Behind Manifestation

"Heart and intention, are two complementary universal frequencies that work together in order to manifest creation."

Alana: Sandy-being is getting big.

Kirk: Just so all of you in the group understand, "getting big" is our term for the experience Sandy has when she dissolves into oneness with the universe. She is already quite "big" since she is channeling Alana at the moment.

Alana: Sandy-being is also a little tired, since we have been working together for many hours now, so we will see what occurs. We will refer to our guest speaker as Ra. The name we use is a way to reference our guest, and it is not a formal name such as what people have. If our guest speaker comes forth, understand that the Ra-vibration may be blended with Alana's tone to some degree.

Kirk: This Ra energy is a different tonal frequency than Alana. In case you wondered, Ra is not the Egyptian Sun God. Alana is helping Sandy to bridge to Ra and blend with this universal vibration. Ra can be described as universal intention. Universal heart, Alana, is helping to bring forth universal intention, Ra. We will actually be talking to the Void-Everything- Nothing. Even though Ra will be blended with Alana's tone, you will notice a big difference in the communication style. (Pause)

Alana: Ra vibration blended.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. Greetings, Ra. Are you going to come through Alana's tone?

Ra: Will be blended, yes.

Kirk: I appreciate your willingness to contribute and share. Your interest in this process is fascinating to me. Ra, we are discussing the seventh sacred step, "All Is Illusion and All Is Real." Do you have something you can share about this concept?

Ra: Yes, for Ra vibration is the why. Ra vibration is the intention that brings forth manifestation fueled and combined with the heart's desire and the will of humanness.

Kirk: Are we correct that Alana and Ra, heart and intention, are two complementary universal energies that work together in order to manifest creation?

(Just then a dog outside of our meeting room began to bark loudly.)

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